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Control Panel

K-tech’s AM-2 Control Panel houses an electrically-controlled plumbing enclosure which controls the internal cleaning system in the GreaseMaster hoods.

Features at a Glance
  • ETL Listed Product
  • Engage Exhaust and/or Make-Up Air Fans
  • Internally Cleans Hood
  • Provides Fire Protection within Extraction Plenum
  • Automatic Detergent Injector
  • Fire Alarm System Contacts Provided
  • Combination Pressure Temperature Gauge
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
Optional Equipment
  • 24 Hour Time Clock
  • Cold Water Mist Control
Product Overview
The Control Panel Offers Three Functions – Engages Fans, Internally Cleans Hood and Fire Protection

The AM-2 Control Panel enables the operator to perform three functions - engage the exhaust and/or make-up air fans (when applicable); internally clean the hood (via 2- cycle cleaning event); and provide fire protection within the extraction plenum.

When the Green fan Push button is pressed, it allows the operator to turn the exhaust and/or supply fans (where applicable) on. This is indicated by an illuminated green light. When the wash Blue Push button is engaged, both of the fans are turned off. A 2-cycle cleaning event now begins. The wash event requires 140ºF hot water. Detergent is injected into the hot water line, and the hot water and detergent are sprayed throughout the ventilation hood. The time period of the wash cycle is adjustable up to three minutes. During this cycle, hot water flushes the detergent out of the hot water line and the spray nozzles. During the rinse event, the remainder of the grease in the extraction plenum is also flushed down the drain. The two events are now complete and the fans are “off” awaiting further instructions from the operator. In the case of a rise in temperature (possibly caused by a surface fire), the thermostat in the hood’s duct collar signals the control panel to automatically begin the rinse event and shuts off the fans. This continuous water spray reduces the temperature, thus providing fire protection in the hood plenum. (Note! Pressing Red Fire button sends it into Fire mode (locked). To reset you must press the button again to unlock it. In a real fire, however, once everything is reset the panel will reset without touching the Red Button. This system can also be manually activated by engaging the fire Red Push button provided on this control panel; to reset* the control panel after the fire has been controlled, simply engage the “fire” Push button a second time. The control panel is reset and awaiting further instructions from the operator. In addition, this control panel also provides contacts (Normally Open - Common - Normally Closed) for hook-up (by others) to the building fire alarm system.

Note: When the Building Fire Alarm System has been connected to the AM-2 Control Panel, refer to the reset procedure of the Building Fire Alarm System.

Sectional View

Hot Water Line Size
Hood Length Hot Water Line @ 20 PSI Water Consumption Gal. Per Min.
Up to 16 ft. 3/4" ips Up to 17 gpm
16 - 32 ft. 1" ips 17 to 34 gpm
21 - 48 ft. 1 1/2" ips 35 to 51 gpm