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Combo Filter

Baffle Filter

The ultimate technology in grease-capture for commercial kitchens

The Captrate Combo Filter combines a stainless steel baffle with a unique hi-tech patented ceramic filter. The combined result is a product that captures more grease than any other filter or cartridge on the market. This superior system provides the benefits of reduced operating costs associated with less frequent hood, fan, and ductwork cleaning, exhaust fan replacement, and roof repair.

Features at a Glance
  • Industry Standards - meets UL 1046 and NFPA No.96 requirements
  • Captivating Performance - highest level of grease removal
  • Lower Operating Costs - reduced hood and duct cleaning, fan maintenance, and roof repair
  • Improved Safety - reduces fire hazard due to less grease in ducts, fan, and on the roof
  • Simple Design - filters are washed with commercial dishwashers or soak sink
  • Standard Sizes - fits most new and existing kitchen hood systems with 2" deep filters

Dual-Stage Capture

Baffle removes large particles while packed bed captures small particles.